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Many people think that the chicken is a very simple thing. As long as there is a venue, it is doing a good job of feeding. In fact, there are many things in the production of chicken production, then what precautions? The eight things that are not available in the following chickens:

1. The plateau should not feed chicken. In a plateau or high mountain or high mountain, the temperature is low, the air is thin, the oxygen is less, and sometimes the need for chickens on oxygen and heat, which will increase the heart and lung load, which can lead to angiogenesis, body fluid external, easy Causes abdominal accumulation, affecting the growth of chickens, which will seriously lead to large batch deaths in chickens.
2. The chicken immunotrophic vaccination period should not use disinfectant. Chicken immunotrophic vaccination is forbidden to use disinfectant, especially drinking water, eye-catching, nose and spray disinfection. Using disinfectants will have a killing of vaccines, resulting in poor immunity or immunity failure. Veterinary drug agent 1866.tv

3. The wine should not be brought to chicken. In the alcohol, there is a large amount of thick fibers, and the chicken is free, can not chew, the intestinal is short, the nutrients can not be fully absorbed, and the enzyme to decompose cellulose is lacking. It directly affects the absorption of the remaining feed, causing indigestion.
4. The bone powder should not feed chicken. The bone powder is not tied with high pressure, bone powder is joined to the bone gum. If the chicken will cause calcium and phosphorus disorders, it causes various diseases to decline.
5. The enemy insect should not be used for chicken. The chicken is a basic environment, and the enemy is capable of generating powerful DDVP, which is very easy to cause poisoning. Therefore, chickens should not use enemy, which can be used to drive, left-handedimidazole, etc.
6. The dysent spirit should not be given to the chicken. Dybert is almost insoluble in water, easy to accumulate in the water, and the chicken is drinking, it is easy to cause poisoning. A mixture should be taken and mix well.

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