What is the expression of the cat when fear?

src=http___b-ssl.duitang.com_uploads_item_201604_01_20160401203346_BkJjd.thumb.700_0.jpeg&refer=http___b-ssl.duitang.jpg People will have fear when they encounter dangerous or bad people, in fact, the cat is also the same, there will be fear when encountering danger. Then people will call when fear, escape, what do you express in the fear?

When the cat is fear, they will find a way to escape the first time. Also, you will take the head, squat down, roar, then some will lying down with the back on the ground. This move of cats is a defense behavior. If fear is still close to it, then the cat will try to resist, scratch the front claw, and then bite it.

The fear will be afraid of nervousness, the same is true when the cat is fear. So the cat’s nervous convulsions in fear are also very normal. When fear approximation, when the cat is unable to fight or escape, they will show a deep eye, low call, will arch, hair will also stand up.

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