What is the gentleness of the chicken, a strange call?

Recently, many farmers were discovered, and the chickens were closed and breathed, and there were many strangers. The serious belly was dead, and they were all chickens. This is the symptoms of chicken bronch. Anatomy chickens will find yellow serials in the chicken tube, and the airbag has a yellow servant, or even severe bag liver.

The cause of the trachea, bronchial embolization

1, the pathogen is complex:

In most cases, the bronchial embolism is not a separate disease, but a systemic infection. One symptom. Bacterial, viruses, mycoplasma infections, and non-feeding management, etc., can cause the emergence of chicken bronchial embolism.
2, chicken groups with poor ghouses have multiple:

Some farmers do not pay attention to the environmental hygiene of chicken houses and chicken farms, resulting in increased number of pathogens in the farming field, while it is easy to trigger disease. There is also a girlfriend that has too much feeding density, a ventilation difference, and the harmful gas concentration in the chicken is too high, and severely damaged the respiratory mucosa of the chicken, causing a respiratory pathogenesis in the chicken group, thereby a bronchial embolization and pulmonary embolism.

3, the selection of drugs are difficult:

Since the chicken airbath wall is very thin, the blood vessel is very small, many drugs are difficult to achieve effective concentration in the airbag, so that the airbag is difficult to treat in clinical practice. For a long time, it leads to the occurrence of pneumonia.

4, chicken respiratory system special physiological structure:

The upper respiratory tract, lungs, airbags, bones are connected to each other, so that the body forms a semi-open system, in the air The pathogenic microorganism is easy to cause systemic infection through upper respiratory tract infection. Because the chicken does not have the diaphragm, chest, abdominal cavity is closely connected, the gas is also infected after the disease is disease, and if not in time, the drug control will cause sepsis system infection or even pneumonia , Bronchial embolism, etc., which also causes the main cause of pneumonia and bronchial embolism.

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Causes of disease

1, individual viral diseasesThe infection is caused, such as influenza H7 or H9 type and other bacterial disease mixed infections, while paying attention to mixed infection of coronaviruses.

2, bacterial factors, such as mixed infection of E. coli disease and coli morboy or my body disease. 3, the body is immunosuppressive disease: such as infectious ricks, alcoholic diseases, Macrate disease, infectious anemia, etc. can cause poultry immunization, leading to low immunity, increase Disease infection risk, the treatment is difficult after dying disease.
4, fungal pneumonia: can occur in four seasons in the year, especially in summer, autumn, mainly related to the raw material such as corn, soybean meal, etc. in the feed.
5, fungal infection: In the air, in the water, there is a spore in the feed in the feed. If the management is not in place, the chicken will infect onset.
6, stress factors: The author of the stress factor is divided into two: one is a vaccine response caused when vaccination. Generally, there is a lot of symptoms of chickens, nasal, snoring symptoms, such as causing airbags, can cause airbags, and management slightly, the management will cause bronchial embolism and pulse pneumolic embolism. The other is a cold heat stress.

Due to spring, summer, autumn, winter days, the temperature difference between day and night is generally more than 15 ° C, the temperature difference is too large, the temperature of the chicken is suddenly lowered, or the temperature in the chicken house is uneven, there is a temperature difference or the temperature of the temperature, The expansion is not advanced in advance. There is also a lot of hot winds in the spring, and the wind is big. The chicken house is closed without strictness, or suddenly blows the wind, direct blown chicken. There is also because the environment is too dry, and there is too much dust in the house, and the chicken respiratory mucosa causes the disease.

Clinical symptoms

The chicken suddenly occur, there is no obvious symptom in clinical, the spread is fast, usually can quickly spread the whole group, high mortality, and start every day from the beginning of death Double growth, with a day mortality rate of about 10%.

In the early stage of the disease, a slight respiratory symptoms, the chicken “吭吭” nose, clear the nasal liquid, the eyelids become long, there is a foam in the eyelid, then there is a snoring, cough, and Zhangkou 脖, “呴呴 “Symptoms; the amount of food in the chicken is seriously declined, the feathers are linger, the turbine is closed, and the individual chicken is yellow and green. Finally, bronchial embolism and pulmonary embolism, suffocation and die. Death chicken onlyMiddle and other individuals and most of them are facing up, and the two legs are twisted.
Pathological changes

The diseased chicken nasal mucous membrane is flushing, and there is a mucus, bronchi, and bronchillary, bleeding, and mucus in the cavity.

After passing through the gas pipe or bronchial, the embolization can be seen, and the severe extension to the lung formation of dendritic clogging, airbag turbid, chest airbag, belly bag with yellow-white foam-like secretions;

Severe packaged liver, lung blood stasis is obvious, the intra-lungs of the torrential oil pipe has a yellow-white cellulose-like adrissen, forming the pulmonary bronchial embolism, the course of the disease, the perfect hepatitis, airbagitis and other systematic sepsis, gland Gastric nipple erosion, kidney redness, has obvious hemorrhage points, ureate deposition in ureteral deposition.
Typical lesions of this disease are in the trachea, and the bronchial embolifier is formed, which is severely extended to the lungs, which is the main cause of chickens.

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Prevention and control insights

(1) Vaccine Immunization: It is recommended that chicks are immunized by vaccination of infectious bronchitis vaccines at 7 days. (It is best to contain a class of 491 strains). For influenza H9 type vaccine immunization, it is recommended to decide whether to inject the vaccine according to the monitoring results of the antibody.

(2) Feeding management factors: Strengthen feeding management, regular disinfection, reduce feeding density, reduce stress, supply high quality feed, and add multidimensional and health care Chinese medicines to improve the body’s immunity, increase anti-disease, Try to reduce the incentive incentives and reduce the chances of incidence. In particular, it is necessary to control the ventilation and ensure the freshness of the air environment of the chicken house. This season, chickens often encounter such cases, dive sickness, difficulty, talked about “咕咕”, have a lot of “ah”, cough, even blame, etc., this continues development There will be a decline in feeding, high death. The weather is more dry and managed is also easy to cause respiratory diseases such as chicken duck. Xiao Zhang recommended respiratory special effects – baked clear.

Recommended reason:

1, targeted technology, drug direct lesions.

2, coughing and sputum, expanded bronchial smooth muscle, fast relief respiratory symptoms. 3, strong bactericidal, effective ingredients can be highly concentrated in tissues such as lungs, airbags, sinus, and completely kill pathogens.
4,, asthma, cough, sterilization, and aceclactic disease, aid, the classic group, the respiratory pathogenesis caused by mycoplasma and airbagitis.

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