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(1), the opening will use the ethomy, it is necessary to try a trial, it is not easy to use! There is a ingredient for the treatment of Salmonella, mycoplasma infection and adenitis. In addition, glucose, multi-dimensional, etc., chickens are directly drinking a medicine, simple and convenient, comprehensive.
(2), light: must be strong! (Chicken vision is weak and easy to eat) later. (3), density: must not be big, this is the most critical step! Roop in the amount of 2/3 or 3/4 of the actual atrial! (4), temperature: I generally recommend high temperature brood! (Temperature can make the chicken eggwhoid absorbed well, so the motherland antibody is high, the post-elderly group is not easy to get sick) What kind of temperature is appropriate? The chicken is 5% asthma! The overall chicken group can spread. Few of phenomena! Consultation: 13210019060 WeChat with the same number (5), winter must be a new drain seedlings to play every 0.4-0.5 ml! I must do it! Summer theory is dependent. (6), you must expand the newness of the air in the house in time! (7), it is recommended to add Chinese medicine! The main three kinds of farmers are clear, Express Kang, Viyou, it is best to have a regular basis! In fact, a large part of the problem is after the cold, it is followed by other problems! (8) Strengthening drinking water control, now the water pollution is very serious, including the secondary pollution of water pollution and drinking water pipeline, which is an important reason for E. coli, long-term treatment, can use US Hino, the most sensitive ingredient for the current E. coli Group. (9) After 20 days, we can use our fat, excluding any hormone, etc. , Per bottle of 2000 kg, for 3 days, cost as low as 4 points! It is a good helper for poultry animal fattening, absolutely green health. Each 10,000 chickens are 3 days, 3 bottles per day (1000 ml a bottle). Average reduction is 0.05

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