What is the harm of pet cats to eat humans?

QQ截图20201124085625.jpg In order to save the cost and time of taking care of pets, the breeders will simply lose human leaves to their pet cats. After a period of time, the cats have a symptom of various physical discomfort. After the hospital is diagnosed, they know that pet cats are food poisoning. In fact, pet cats should have their own exclusive food, but can not replace human food. Human food has too much threat and harm to pet cats.

    First: Pet cats and humans are different from the amount of salt in the food. Human demand for salt is much higher than pet cats. When the cat eats these extra-standard salts, it is easy to cause edema, ventricular fluid, or even death.

  • Second: The food of human cooking is more delicious to make the taste more delicious, will add a variety of seasonings in the food. For example: onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, vinegar, pepper, etc. And this kind of big material is a highly toxic substance for cats. When the pet cat is eating, it is easy to cause food poisoning, and the symptoms of vomiting diarrhea.
  • Third: The food is not easy to rot to deteriorate in winter, but it is easy to breed bacteria in the summer. If you put these foods for a period of time, you will have food poisoning in the cat. Due to the invasion of the bacteria, pet cats may have symptoms such as nerve paralysis.

  • When a pet cat is raised, the breeder should prepare the exclusive food. The demand for nutrition should be used in accordance with the physical structure of the cat. To ensure the quality of the food and the nutrients. Instead of simply eat human leaves to cats.
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