What is the indication of the cat’s long flea?


Whether it is long-haired cat or short hair, their body is the best territory of flea life. The flea adult is parasitic in the skin of the cat, to take the blood survival of the cat body, when the flea is serious, it will cause the cat’s skin to appear rash, and it will lead to a certain aplastic symptom of anemia.

The master should identify if there is a flea in the cat, is actually very simple, as long as the cat’s behavior is carefully observed. Generally, there is a problem that there is a problem that itching is itching. They will hide in the corners or other corners, and constantly grind their body. At the same time, you will also write your hair and skin with your hand, trying to make itchy symptoms in your body.

In addition, the owner can observe the hair of your own cat. If there is a black dot, the formation of the film is gathered in the skin of the skin, it means that the cat has gathered a flea. The flea has super strong, and the harm to the cat is huge. When the owner discovered that the cat was sent to fleas, it must be cleared in time. Otherwise, the days after the cat will not be better, while the owner’s healthy life is also threatened.

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