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What is the longer cause of the fur beast beast?
1, age, fetal cause
Beast initial production, especially during the breeding period, the condition is too embarrassing, the body is too bad, while occurrence. More than 5 years old mother beasts, more mother beasts (11 or more) have fatigue, fatigue, uterine contraction and abdominal muscles, pressure weaken, and the processes are often delayed.
2, breeding reasons
The individual fantasia is equivalent to breeding, estrus identification or emotion is irregular, some Blue Fox may lose 4 or even more than 5. The replica is too long and the production process is slightly long.
3, the disease factor
The individual beasts have a fever during pregnancy, loss of appetite, and some infections infection or breeding cause uterine inflammation, or infecting other diseases cause death, the child is not effective, and it is effective. There will also be a procedure extension
4, management factors, management factors also include 2 small aspects
A, pregnancy feeding management
Pregnancy beast feeding, increasing or measuring operation qualified. Some of the beasts are fat, so that the lower abdomen is surrounded, and the subcutaneous fat is deposited. Particular attention is particularly concerned about the circumstances of the size of the breeding. Too much nutrition, and the fetus grows large, the mother beast is easy to eat during childbirth.
Additional self-illegal users can easily ignore whether the addition of mineral elements is suitable, such as calcium ions, insufficient additions can result in intramuscular contraction and weakness.
B, environmental factors
The fur beast is shorter than other livestock, and its physiological characteristics are made. There is a weak stimulation during production, and it will add the tension of the mother and beast. Attractive and uneasy, the yard is frequent in the nest.
On the other hand, the lowest in the lowest, leakage, the heat is not good, and the mushroom is not hygienic, etc. can also affect the production of the beast. The cage is small, and the amount of the mother and beast will also extend the production time.

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