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All parts of the snake have the value of the snake, delicious, rich in nutritious, cuisine in the meal; snake gall, snake, snake skin, snake toxic, snake oil, snake, or even snake, snake sausage, etc. Disease; five-step snake is a traditional medicine for treating intractable itching and leprosy. Snoo is very expensive, can drive the wind to dehumidify, and make interests. And the venom is a rare treasure, which can be made into analgesic, anti-toxic, and anticoagulant. Snake is much more expensive than gold, and 1G snake is worth tens of thousands of dollars. However, the wild snake is protected by the country, and the excessive snake will also break the balance of nature ecological chain. Therefore, raising snakes with artificial methods is a method that can guarantee income and environmentally friendly.
The traditional sabr servant model is a box of breeding. After the continuous development of the aquaculture industry and the gradual development of the fermentation bed to feed the sazy. This model starts with the living habits of snakes, which can make the snakes have natural and ecological growth rates, and eliminate the abuse of antibiotic breeding, using microbial fermentation of microorganisms to decompose snake manure, so this method is collectively referred to. Fermentation bed raise snake method. It is also recognized by the benefits of the gold babel fermentation bed, without advance, simple, easy to operate, not easy to wet beds, etc.
Danacher’s fermentation bed realizes zero emissions, no pollution, free agglutation, and completely solve the environmental pollution problem of scale farms. Danacher’s Fermentation Bed Snake is a new type of full-ecological hosie mode, which has the following advantages:
1, deodorant environmentally friendly snakes under the function of ribbon, partially degraded into odor is discharged The other part is converted into nutrients such as crude protein, bacterial protein and vitamins. Eliminating the pollution of manure on the ecological environment from the source, so that there is no odor, reaching zero emissions,
2, saving the feed snake grows in a clean and comfortable environment, fast growth, can put the column in advance, reduce Feed input. At the same time, the snakes of the snakes are degraded under the action of beneficial bacteria, and the use of bacteria proteins and a variety of beneficial substances are used by snakes, waste recycling, which can be saved;
3, resistance to the long fermentation bed The litter is subjected to the biochemical effect of physical adsorption, chemistry, and the biochemistry of the fermentation process, and the snake life is in a large number of suitable bacteria environments, and the disease-resistant immunization ability is significantly improved. More use of snake health Growth, rarely sick, reduce medical costs. Especially in winter, breaking or shortening the hibernation period of snakes is conducive to the growth of snakes.
4,Save time and effort, the snake, snake can be excluded from the fermentation bed, no need to clean the snake box, save a lot of manpower, and save the cost of artificial investment.
5. Improve the quality of the quality of the quality of the new fermentation bed, or almost no medication, can greatly reduce the residue of the drug, so that the quality of the snake meat is better, and the quality of the poisonous snake of fermented beds is also higher.
With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s philosophy, everyone’s requirements for quality and environmentally friendly snake products are also increasing; at the same time, the cost of raising snakes is also a factor in restricting the development of the snake industry, using fermentation bed to raise snakes It can save labor costs again and can save labor. Among them, the dried fermentation bed can achieve both environmentally friendly models, and can also meet the requirements of economic development, and is the best choice for the snake users.

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