What is the performance of cat anxiety?

timg (8).jpg Cat’s anxiety can lead to his arms, such as in the indoor size, chewing sweaters, chaos, and even cause extreme nervousness during the modified comb. There are many reasons for causing cat cars, usually because of disease, pain or fear; or because of some changes in home life, these will affect him, causing repression; Lost the owner’s cat, the situation is worse.

1. Anxious cat

Anxiety cat looks nerve, low, squatting on the ground, some will breathe or hair removal, The body is tight, and the pupil is magnified, these are an anxiety cat usually have a symptom.

2. Attack Behavior

One usually mildly cord cat will suddenly change the temperament, and the owner who loves him is grasped. This abnormal performance must have his reason. It is very likely that a cat is uncomfortable, and he should take him to see the veterinarian. Sometimes cats will vent, caught bad furniture, bit the clothes because they feel bored. 3. Indoor logo site

some changes in daily life, or a new cat in the family will make him feel troublesome and suppressed . In this case, he will take the urine in the house. Apply sterilized water to clean by wet, to remove the smell of the cat, preventing him from running back to the old place.

4. Neurological modification

Some cats will show excessively picking their own hair in the case of depression, without any reasons in a certain part Do not stop, keep chewing. This situation often leads to dermatitis, eczema or even bare. This performance for cats, veterinarians will let him take sedative to soothe the anxiety suppression emotions.

5. Chewing woven fabrics

Some Oriental Cats, especially Siamu Cats and Burmese cats sometimes like to bite wool sweater or other knitted clothes. This response to the childhood behavior is also a result of a certain depression.

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