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Basic nutrition imbalance female rabbit nutritional imbalances are in three aspects: nutrition lack of nutrition, overnutrition, malnutrition. Nutrition lack: The amount of feed nutrition is low or the amount of money is insufficient. It is guaranteed that the nutrition of the rabbit is not nutrient. The rabbits will have no shiny, the body is thin, the ridge back is like symptoms. The endocrine system is affected by the female rabbit, and the gonad secretion is disordered, and the estrus or estrus period is extended. At the same time, the uterus mucosa is very thin, even if it is matched, it is not easy to sit. The nutritional level is too low, and the lyophilic adenotropin release factor is inhibited, and other hormone secretions have also been affected, and endocrine disorders affect embryonic generation, resulting in a decrease in reproduction rate. Overnutrition: the amount of nutrients in the feed is too high, or the amount of feed is often super, so that the female rabbits are too obese. The fat content in the female rabbit in the hyperplasia is high, and the fat in the fallopian tube is small, the elasticity is small, and the egg is difficult to move into the abdomen. It hinders the binding of sperm and egg. Nutritional imbalance: protein, fat, carbohydrates in feed should be reasonably equipped, otherwise it will affect feeding effect. Taking the rex rabbit as an example, its feeding standard is a crude protein content of 17% to 18%, thick fat 3% to 5%, and the digestion per kilogram of feed is 10 to 11 mega, and the crude fiber is 12% to 15%. If the amount of corn is large (the digestion per kilogram of feed can reach 12 mega), the amount of protein feed is small (crude protein is less than 15%), and the propagation rate of rabbit will decrease. Consult QQ: 2627108897 Vitamin lacks with reproductive vitamins with vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin E. Vitamin A: Vitamin A plays an important role in the growth, reproduction and disease resistance of rabbits, and is a substance that maintains the normal indispensable substances of organ epithelial cells. Lack of vitamin A, genitalized organ epithelial cell hornylation, enabling the reproductive system to reduce. QQ: 2627108897 Vitamin D: Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in rabbits, and promote rabbits. If the lack of lack, the rabbit will have osteoporosis, and the reproductive ability is blocked. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is also known as plasmol, which plays an antioxidant effect in the rabbit body to prevent oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid in vivo. When the vitamin E is lacking in rabbits, the unsaturated fatty acids in the rabbit are excessively oxidized, producing excessive peroxides, enabling germ organ morphology and function, destroying reproductive cells, causing breeding disorders. Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamine, in the rabbit bodyThe coenzyme portion constituting the ketogenic oxidation and decarboxylation in sugar metabolism. The vitamin B1 lacks the pyruvate metabolism to cause poisoning in the brain and the propruxic acid aggregation. Since the sugar metabolism is blocked, the energy supply is insufficient, causing neurological obstacles, and the female bunny will shrink, follicular development is stagnant, and the embryo is absorbed. There is a dead tire, abortion, abortion, production, post-production, laud, lactation Falling, etc.

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