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In the process of market service in East China, the author discovered that no matter the large farm, or the small and medium-sized farm, there is currently a long-scale piggy pig, the ridge is exposed, the thin and pale, the pig group respiratory disease is obvious, some pigs still When the diarrhea is not too, the incidence of pigs is about 10% to 20%, but there are always a few piglets in each circle. Why is this? This problem has been plaguing the majority of farmers.

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Some pigs are only slightly symptoms, only one side is purple!

On-site thinking: Why do some scenes will have a healthy piggy in a breastfeeding stage, and the piglet will have a long long after the pig is broken.

Further analysis:

: Pig Group The same feed, is it caused by malnutrition?

: Some vaccine manufacturers say that the piglets caused by the circular virus. Multi-system failure syndrome. The farm has a circular virus vaccine. What is the effect? ​​

The author is engaged in the clinical veterinarian for more than 20 years, and the above questions will be explained below:

Generally, Any new pig population has a porcine group, and there is easy problems after weaning. The reason is that the pig breastfeeding stage breast milk is rich in matrix and has enough maternal antibody protection, so there is no problem. Once there is a weaning, it should be added to the nutrient drop, the resistance of weaning piglets is obvious, so the clinical growth is deteriorated and the aqueous diarrhea is more than just.

The lymph nodes of pigs are the immune organs of the body. Once lymph nodes or blue, vaccineThe immune effect is sure to be strong, but what is the cause of pig immunization inhibition?

I think 80% may be caused by mycotoxins, 15% may be made by stress and human factor, 5 % May be a cause of medication, such as drugs that can cause immunosuppressive in pigs, such as fluorini, sulfonamides, and the like.

So the solution to the problem:

The drug should be controlled to cause immunosuppressive drugs, and the pregnant sow cannot blindly apply some drugs that can lead to immunosuppressive drugs as a so-called “health care”. Adopt early weaned milk can be properly delayed weaning age;

(2) On-site purchase quality control, except for the use of corn in the sow, there are a lot of bran, data display, In the current planting industry, corn, wheat mildew is very serious, and a high-quality mold adsorbent in bran is high, so using high quality mold adsorbents in pregnant lags is only one aspect, the most important is the most crude fiber content. The raw material choice is preferably free of mold toxins. At present, some bran replacement products have appeared so that it can really do the mold to affect the health of piglets through the placenta.

(3) Choosing feed partners or should believe that high-visenwise large factories or reliable companies, especially the raw materials of sows are more stringent, the quality of raw materials is the most critical!

Only use high-quality feed to solve the problem of piglet lymph node, hair purple, etc., can thoroughly release immunosuppression, so that the sows and piglets injecting vaccines should be effective and protected!

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