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Postpartum paralysis is a disease with limb paralysis or posterior limb paralysis.
The cause of the disease is diverse, such as: pre-production, not enough, rabbit wet, feed nutrients are uneven or inadequate, especially lack of calcium, phosphorus is improper or lack of, and the premium, breastfeeding There are excessive rabbits, scared, etc., can cause postpartum. Consult QQ: 2627108897
The sick rabbit is less food, the heavy people do not eat, the bowel movement is reduced or not, the lighter is lighter, the heavy limbs are especially the limbs can’t stand, there is lame, thin and sleep.
Prevention: Mainly to strengthen feed nutrition. Keep the rabbit to dry and ventilate, avoid moist, and disinfect regularly.
Make sure that the rabbits are moving properly and enhance their body.
Treatment: 10% calcium gluconate 30ml, muscle injection, twice a day, use 5 days

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