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When we talk about feed, in addition to proteins, we will encounter the concept of peptide and amino acids, such as the relationship between protein and peptide and amino acids?

The component constituting the pig tissue is a protein, but is not directly converted into a protein of a pig, but is decomposed into a plurality of peptides prior to the protein, and then decompose into a plurality of amino acids; That is to say, the relationship between these three is the maximum protein molecule, the amino acid molecule is minimal, while the peptide is an intermediate product of protein and amino acid.
Amino acid is an organic compound containing a basic amino group and an acidic carboxyl group that constitutes the protein of animal nutrition. However, the amino group on the amino acid can be combined with the carboxyl group on other amino acids, which is a new molecule, which is a peptide; the peptide still has an amino group and a carboxyl group, and other amino acids or peptides are novel molecules, but also peptides. Therefore, in nutrients, the type of amino acid is numerous, and the type of protein is also available, but the type of peptide is countless.
Total peptide has special functions for pigs; According to data, fish powder containing the same amount of protein is far better than vegetable feed, because the small peptide inside is active; in addition, now The popular antimicrobial peptide also belongs to the range of peptides.

Protein decomposition requires the participation of proteases, such as gastrointestinal proteases, intestinal proteases, trypsin, and the like, but these proteins can only be decomposed into peptides, to decompose into amino acids, and the assistance of peptidases. Amino acid synthesizes proteins in vivo, which is also synthesized to peptides, then synthesized proteins, and also need assistance in various enzymes.
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