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This belongs to Pakuna pneumonia, and the lungs are pale, and the lungs are shrinking. Different varieties of this disease, different bare-old rabbits are easy to infect, especially the mortality rate of just weaned and young rabbs, the spread is fast, and the climate change, the season is alternated, and the other is filthy, moist , Crowded, rabbit houses, long-distance transportation, etc. can cause the cause of this disease. Consult QQ: 2627108897 Preventing the measures that can be taken: (1) Maintain dryness, pay attention to ventilation; (2) Reduce the breeding density; (3) Strictly eliminate the rabbit; (4) Regular injection of Ba-wave two seedlings, annual 3 times. (5) Add some anti-reflection drugs to the feed, such as Ennohaxing (6) use microecological preparations (such as intestinal experts), reduce rabbit odor

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Ennovia Sand Soluble Potion (Respiratory Track Introduction to the intestinal antibacterial drugs to the common rhinitis pneumonia respiratory disease and the pulse caused by E. coli saltock

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Intestinal Expert (Intestinal) [Chinese Medicine] Improve the immune function of rabbit group, improve rabbit gastrointestinal function, inhibit rabbit intestinal harmful bacteria growth, promote digestive absorption, improve enzyme activity, Lower the toxicity of the amine, fall off against rabbit gastrointestinal mucosa, diarrhea, and quick recovery function. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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