What is the smell of the cat?

timg (2).jpg did not contact the pet cat for a while, when approaching the cat, the breeders will smell the thick odor of the cat. However, what is the cause of the cat’s odor? Simple It is possible to cause an odor in the cat.

When the cat row or body is contaminated, it will also exude odor. When the feeder smells the odor’s odor’s odor, it must take timely and effective processing. Take a bath to the cat and clean it all your body. At the same time, you carefully check each part of the cat’s ear’s body, see if there is a bacterial infection, or the symptoms of skin purne pus. If you find that the cat’s body has abnormal diseases, you must send your cat to your professional pet hospital, diagnose treatment, a healthy body that has also been a pet cat, eliminating these annoying odors.

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