What is the solution to what the pig is slow?

What is the good way to solve the pig’s long solution, the pig promotes, what is long as a pig man, a more headache, is too slow, the piggy is slow, it is a lot of food, it is not long, this is People are upset. There is no passive water in the world, and there is no root wood. What are the reasons for the slow causes of pig lengths?

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[size = 12.0000pt] 1, the cause of the variety. The varieties are relatively poor, or the soil pigs, which is slower than the three yuan, the inner ternary, the long-term, which is due to the nature of the pig’s varieties, but the effect will not be too obvious. [size = 12.0000pt] 2, feed nutrition. Long fast, general understanding is much long, then what is meat? It is protein, fat, amino acid, etc., this shows that it is necessary to provide more proteins, while need to provide more protein, amino acids, trace elements to other desired vitamins, which can be better to satisfy The basic substance required for the normal growth of the body. [size = 12.0000pt] 3, ç 理 environment. To build a suitable environment, more beneficial to the growth of pigs, the temperature is too low, the humidity is small, the effect of ventilation, etc., is affecting the growth of pigs. [size = 12.0000pt] 4, scientific feeding. Feeding pigs, not full, hunger, but according to pig size habits, targeted feeding, feeding amount, number of feeding times, sometimes tonic, so you can Get better pig effect. [SIZE = 12.0000pt] 5, lengthening the additive. We all know that professional people do professional things, so for lectures, it is professional, more targeted, like bovy to promote long additives – Ermei is a good promotory prure agent. At the same time, it also has the effect of resistance. The additive “fat and beautiful” produced by the emperor, the effect is remarkable in the practice of pig pigs, with the effect of resistance to disease, has obtained the list of China’s CCTV, 2017 consumers, additives, pigs, additives “Feier Beautiful “long fast, one pig feeding 220 pounds, only 150 days, The same weight is in advance, 18 days in advance, and the real good priority promotes long additives. In short, do the above points, put the stiff pig, other pigs will get rid of the slow restriction, so that the pig is long and no longer difficult.

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