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Milk Buffali Symptoms:
(1) The breast has red, swollen, hot, and pain.
(2) Decapulsion reduces or stops.
(3) Milk changes.
Clinical breast inflammation:
is inflammation of breast mass, substantive or interstitial substance tissue. It is characterized by milk degeneration, and the breast tissue exhibits swelling, warm and pain in varying degrees. Depending on the length of the disease and the degree of severity, it can be divided into the most embatful, acute, subacute, and chronic breast. The most embatctary: sudden onset, rapid development, mostly in 1 milk area, suffering from milk.
Recessive Breastitis:
Aliken, subclinical breastitis. A breast inflammation that is expressed in clinical symptoms. It is characterized by the breast and milk, but the milk has been visible, but the milk has changed in physicochemical properties and bacterial. Specifically, the pH is 7.0 or more, which is alkaline; there is a matrix, flocculation, fiber; sodium chloride content is more than 0.14%, and the number of cells is 500,000 / ml or more, and the number of bacteria and the electrical conductivity are increased. . Chronic case: Since the breast tissue is progressive inflammatory process, the breast has a large range of damage, and fibrosis occurs in breast tissue, which often causes breast atrophy and breast hard knots.
Treatment of dairy breast inflammation uses Henan Baitwei biotechnology’s source effect is particularly good, and has been unanimously welcomed and trusted by the majority of farmers. The source of the milk is used for the treatment and prevention of dairy breast inflammation, which can improve immunity and enhance the body of cows.
[Usage and Dosage]
1 牛 本 1000g mixture 1000 kg, if there is a diarrhea, the product 1000g mixed material is uniformly mixed;
2 Youth Cattle and dried milk cow Ben products 1000G mixture 1000 Ki, even mixed;
3 high-grade dairy cattle 1000g mixture 500 kg, uniform mixed, in case of weather mutation, transfer group, noise, etc. should be added 500-1000 pounds of 500-1000 kg .
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