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The parasites in the pigs are an important part of prevention and treatment of pig diseases. Because pig sectaria diseases are particularly serious, the lack of dysplasia, the growth is slow, and the balances form a stiff pig or even death. According to the biological characteristics of different ages, physical fitness, condition and parasites, different methods are taken, on the basis of symptomatic treatment, improve the resistance of sick pigs, and apply the appropriate insectomic drug. The deworm is one of the important measures of life, but it is necessary to obtain a more ideal effect. So what is the symptom of pig parasitic disease? What should I prevent? Let’s take a look:

There is a polar pig in the growth of slow or long-term weight loss, breathing, cough, Pig wool is thick, lying in the bed, feces, etc., is generally more common in 2 to 6 months old pigs.

Second, selector inhamedicide

Driven insecticide, levimidazole, toluerazole, enemy Waiting; antibiotic drugs are nitroidide and sulfur chloride; there isopridazanone induced insecticide; anti-bow-moriosis has ethysimidine and sulfonamide. Powns and tablets are suitable for removing parasites of the digestive tract, suitable for removing parasitic insects in the respiratory system and liver, kidney, etc. However, no matter what drugs, it is replaced with another period of time to avoid resistance, affecting the insect mill.

Third, grasp the time of deworming

Give the pigs, but also pay attention to the drug, but also pay attention to the time of administration. It is too late to have a deworming effect, which is too late to affect the development of pigs to form a stiff pig. The deworm time should be determined according to the type, development of the insects, the development of the season, and the like. Normally, the first time to give pigs in the pigs in 2.5 to 3.0 month agers, so that several parasites can be started. Winter is the golden season of deworming, in this season, insects, can receive a half-time effect.

Fourth, the deductor is fasted first

In order to facilitate the absorption of the pigs on the dewormy drug, it should be fasted 12 ~ 18 hours, mix the drug and feed at 7 ~ 8 o’clock in the evening, once againIf the pig is eaten, if the pig does not eat, a small amount of brine or saccharin can be added to the feed to enhance its right level; when the group is raised, the drug is calculated first, and the medicine is broken, evenly in the feed, and the deworming period (Usually 6 days) To feed, loop, clean, and so on and clean and disinfect the site at a fixed location.

Five, pig houses should be disinfected

After some pig households give pigs, pig houses are not cleaned, and the results are discharged. The worms and eggs were re-infected by pigs. The correct approach is to remove feces in time, stack fermentation, incinerate or deeply buried; pig houses, walls and feeding are disinfected with 5% lime water.

Sixth, after giving pigs, after the pigs,

If poisonous symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc., immediately put the pig Out of the collee, let it go free to move to relieve poisoning symptoms; serious people let them drink more green peas soup; 50 grams of pulse, taking charcoal or pot bottom ash, mix into feed, even clothes 2 ~ 3 Heaven heaven.


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