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First, we must ensure that the feed nutrition is balanced and healthy rabbits, and the following can be added to the feed according to the actual situation one: 1, zinc oxide or kelp powder (can supplement zinc and iodine): Improve feed utilization, appropriate amount. 2, wheat stone or zeolite powder: Add amount (2-3%) has adsorption (which can adsorb the harmful bacteria of the intestine, reduce the cause of the disease) promotes the nutrient absorption utilization of the intestine to the feed, thereby reaching the daily gain 3, beet base: 3 active methyl groups, by methyl synthesis of amino acids, use the nutrient composition in the feed to make a very good role in the efficacy of coccidi drugs; QQ26271088974 , Pine needle powder: Add amount: 20-30 grams of each rabbit, increased by 7-10% for meat rabbits; 12.5% ​​of the hair of the long hairy rabbit; the survival rate of the rabbit can be increased by 7% ; Sabaches, Seabuckthorn, Sesson: Add 20 grams in the feed of rabbit to increase daily weight; 6, Chinese medicine (60% son, 20% son, licorice 20%): Add amount: Each bunny day 5 grams of grain can increase weight to 30%; 7, Ai Ye: Add amount: 15% of the feed can be replaced by equal bran; can increase the daily gain to 15%; 8, garlic powder (garlic: pepper scale : 1: 1): Add 1% of the feed to increase the daily weight of 8-10%; optional one can increase daily weight

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