What is the way to prevent the piggyback pig?

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The piglets frequently occurred after weaning, especially the excellent varieties of growth and development, especially the main reason is that the sudden changes in feeding management conditions, and the quality and amount of protein in the feed can not be grown. It is caused by the needs of development.
In order to prevent 膘, you should do a good job in breeding and management
Raising weaning pigs:
(1) Timed less, regular quantity: Although weaning piglet growth is fast, the nutrients needed, but Its digestive tract is still small than the year of pigs. To this end, we should take less feeding methods. .
(2) Supply sufficient, fresh, clean drinking water: piglet rapid growth needs a lot of moisture, such as insufficient drinking water, will affect appetite and weight. Therefore, the water supply should be sufficient, fresh, clean, and continue to drink water all day.
(3) Add growth promoter: a lot of pig pig growth promoters, Tiandao Group recommends that it is not only enhanced weight, but also improves the immune body of the pig.
Management weaning pigs:
(1) After the piglet is weaned, it is raised in the original circle for 10 ~ 15 days. When the piglet eats and the feces is normal, then according to the gender, size and food of the piglets, and eat quickly. The individual weight should be made no more than 3 kg. Care, care, special care for small and weak piglets.
(2) Creating a comfortable small environment: weaning piglets must be sufficient sunlight, temperature suitable (22 ° C), clean and dry. Piglets should completely clean up before entering the pig circle, and use 2% of the peri-base water to be fully sterilized, then the mixture of the soil and the grass (the soil moisture absorption, the grass is warm), and creates a comfortable small piglet. surroundings.
(3) There is sufficient footprint and feeding: the piglet population is too small, and the area of ​​each pig is too small, and the feeding is too small, it is easy to fight, so that the rest is insufficient, the feeding is not enough, Growth and development of piglets. The area of ​​weaning piglets is 0.5 to 0.8 square meters per head. Each group is generally around 10 heads, there is enough feed toggle and sink, so that each piglet can eat, drink, do not happen Founding.
(4) Cold heat preservation: winter or early spring climate is cold, piglets are often stacked together, squeezing each other, easy to press dying, cold, pulling, etc.. Therefore, in the winter, we must repair the pigsty, and the loop in the circle and dry the earth, and the hand-free, check, if necessary, prepare the cradle and stoves, etc., can repair warm circles or plastic greenhouses to breed weaning. Piglet.
(5) Careful education: To teach training pig bread, snack, sleeping three points. Focus on training of pigs, dirty urine, and develop habits that are not excreted.
(6) Drug Prevention: The pig is stupid. The piglets are used on the same day, exclude vomiting toxins in the body, improve the water dissipation and feeding capacity of weaning pigs, and realize the “Fasting” “Weaning does not fall.” Usage: Weaning piglets (15-20 heads) use 50 grams (1 bag) daily, drinking water or wet mixing, using 5-7 days.

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