What issues should we pay attention to in a small Samo?

u=1359131548,2510730690&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Many people now like to raise the Samoyed dog, not only beautiful, the temper is also good ~ commonly known as “smile angel”, especially when I am childhood, my fat, the fat, I can’t let go. Ah! So what questions should we pay attention to?

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Usually during 20-25 days, once a month, once a month, the dewormed dog manure and the insects were concentrated in fermentation. Clean a basis once a day. Salt, water is sterilized once a week, can be boiled for 20 min, or soak for 20 min with 0.1% new Jeer fluid or soaked with 2% -4% alkali water, and finally rinsed with water. Second, the heat required for the growth period of Small Saam is twice that of adult Satsuma.

It is said that Samo can live in 12-16 years, which is much shorter than Satsumo. The development speed of Samo puppies is also very fast. It can grow into dogs for 1 year to 1 year and a half. This growth period is very important, and even the little life of the small Sama. In order to make Samo puppies grow up, you should pay special attention to its diet in the development process.

Third, two maintenance, three transitions.

The two maintenance refers to maintaining the raising and maintaining the original feed of the original dog; three transitions refer to the transition of feed, feeding system and environment. Feed Transition: 1 week after weaning, the feeding formula is still the same as the breastfeeding, gradually transition, until there is until there is until weaning, you can change it to the puppies. Feeding system transition: Stable life system can promote the growth of young dogs, reduce the occurrence of disease. The young dog feed is good, the timing is quantified, and the meals are added less to maintain its strong appetite and digestive ability. Environmental transition: The cutting method is used after the dog weaned, that is, the original circle is not removed, and the bitch is brought out.

Tips: Under normal circumstances, dog nose is wet and non-mucus or no thick secretions.

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