What kind of basic characteristics of different types of dogs

u=1981141577,2404611504&fm=26&gp=0.jpg The dog’s personality is similar to the owner. Because the formation of dogs, with the owner’s management, training is related, if the owner is very happy, the pet dog is honest; if the dog often blames the dog, the dog is usually fierce. (1) Good moving

Classical representative: border shepherd (details)

12-5 years

Crisis: Deaf, eye disease

  • Type reason: character is active and good, all day bun jump
  • Suitable for objects: Ask the dog to be lively, people with brain
  • Armed, Wales Song, Camper, Wells Song, Australian Shepherd, Australian Shepherd


Life: 12 to 16 years

Crisis: Sensitive , Skin disease, heart disease

  • Type reason: character is very angry, I like to take the owner’s thigh
  • suitable for the object: I like people hurt, people who are often wrapped
  • [ Arctic: Charles Wang Kni Dog, Japan Zhong, Beijing Dog

  • Classic Representative: Gold Mao回

Life: 10 to 14 years Crisis: eye disease, hip problem, skin disease, cancer

    Type reasons: children’s heart, favorite and children

  • Suitable for the subject: Parents in the home

  • Signature: Boxer, Xido, Saint Bernard

  • (4) World Sees

  • Dan

Life: 6 to 10 years

Crisis: Eye, hips and heart problems, susceptible to osteo cancer

TypeReason: Even if and the cat can get along with the cat

  • suitable for the object: the world, women
  • Arctic: Puttov, lady dog, eight brothers
  • (5) Long tongue
  • Classic representative: Shepherd Dog

  • Life: 12 to 14 years

Crisis: Sensitive, eye disease Type Reason: Not shy, favorite called

    suitable for the object: I am afraid that I like to do listeners

  • Arctic: small Shepherd, British hunting fox, Norway Huntu

  • Whitby Dog

  • Life: 12 to 15 Year

Crisis: I am afraid of cold and is easy to have a heart problem Condition: Wen Jing like-bit library administrator

    suitable for objects: people who hate noisy

  • Active: Baxi Dog, Poopo, Dutch Lion Dang

  • Classic Representative: Eight brother is too

  • Life: 11-12 years

  • Crisis: Skin sensitive, eye disease

Type resession: jealousy, can not tolerate the owner hurting other pets Suitable for objects: It is ready to raise a pet-free person

    Arctic: Italian Gree Dog, Boston, Sausage Dog

  • (8) Protected

  • Life: 12-1 14 years

  • Crisis: Dental problems, sensitive

Type reasons: body Small type (smaller than the cat), so be sure to protect suitable for the object: I like to protect people

    substitute: toy lady dog, Xi Shi, Magic Angel

  • (9) Do not often lose the hair
  • Dog
  • Life: 10 to 16 years
  • Crisis: sensitive, nephropathy, eye disease

Condition: No matter which one Types of lazy dogs, very few furders

suitable for objects: I like to wear dark clothes and lazy people

avatar: Olenda, Bear, Baixian

  • Classic representative: ratio
  • Life: 11 to 14 years
  • Crisis: Hip degradation, glaucoma, heart disease

Case: often

Mao situation, especially in summer

Suitable for objects: not afraid of full house Is Mao’s people

  • avatars: Great Dan, Spotted Dog, Bagong
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