What kind of breasted ways are thereon?

Now people pursue nature, and the chicken chicken naturally became popular topics. Today, Li Chen simply introduces several soil sizzling methods.

1, grassland culture

Grassland breeding is like its name, and a piece of grass is farmed around. The selected local grass is growing, and there are many insects, and it is not too high. Grass is generally high at 30cm. It is easy to have a creature such as snakes, which is easy to cause harm of earth. Secondly, it is necessary to reserve an air, preparing for the secondary transport, the terrain is flat, not easy to accumulate, and the drain is relatively convenient to prevent the impact of the rainy season. The center needs to build a larger sunshade anti-high temperature, and can provide rest and feeding. Generally, it is better for two months. Avoid the accumulation of chicken manure.

2, mountain farming

This is a relatively high quality wild farming method, completely simulating the growth of the earth, and the quality of the earth-raising the quality is the best. The price is also the highest. The farming area is large, and it is generally necessary to build 2-3 chops. This feeding chicken requires not regularly feed some plants such as vegetables to ensure health. Secondly, due to the land of mountain, pay attention to the prevention and treatment for some wild animals. Finally, it is the block of deworming, so that the parasitic sects of the parasites on the breasts are high, and it is generally necessary to feed the insecticidal drug once a month in the previous three months. Drugs can be fed together with feed.

3, orchard breeding

This is still a feeding method in recent years, and its greater interest is a fruit tree, and the earth is harvested. The choice of the trees need to be high, such a environment is like a tree, such a fruit tree can reduce losses. The fruit should not be too large, avoiding some drop when it is accidentally injured.

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