What kind of cat can you raise?

timg (3).jpg The variety of cats is very large, and the cats of different varieties have their character, living habits, and appearance characteristics. There are also a lot of cat varieties suitable for office workers, but it is still necessary to choose the right cat breed for feeding according to all aspects of the office of office workers, economic income, cat character, and more.

First, the office worker should be based on their own characteristics, and select the right cat variety. For example, your character is quiet and frightening lonely, you can choose to be more sweet and quiet, catastrophe. If your own character is cheerful, you can choose the cheerful and lively cat. And there is a gorgeous folk cat to be more suitable for diligence, like to pack the master. The lazy owner is more suitable for short-haired cats, because hair is short of cleaning, it is not easy to depose dust.

Characteristic lively and cheerful cat variety mainly, American shorthair cat, Siamese cat, Bangladesh Leopard cat, etc.; Pull cat, etc., there is mainly, highland fold cat, Jin Gira cat, cloth, etc., and short-haired cat breed common main, exotic short-hairy cat, Siam cat, Konic Mao cat, etc. Secondly, if it is a busy office worker, you should choose a strong independence, the hair is easy to manage, and the strong cat is coming. You can’t choose to have a checkered, too dependent on the owner, and you have a cat that is difficult to manage. Such as American short-haired cats, British short-haired cats, exotic shorthair cats, Bangladeshopa, etc. These independent and strong short-hairy cats are suitable.

Third, if the office worker lives with his family, then you should first ask your family, if you have a child, you should choose a sweet and generous cat, such as the Scottish Fold cat, Cat, Cat, Jin Gera cat, etc .; if someone in the family is allergic to cats, it is best not to raise cats, or choose not to lose hair, no cavity variety. For example, such as Kirius Cat, Canadian Inausical Cat, etc.

Of course, breeding pet cats need to consider numerous factors such as character, living habits, the office workers should choose the right cat breed according to their own income. If monthly revenue can only maintain a daily life, if you don’t buy prices, you need to spend high cost.Take care of the cat. For example, the Persian cat belonging to the aristocratic cat. In general, monthly revenue of ordinary office workers at 3,000-6000 yuan, after meeting their own needs, you can choose American short-haired cats, exotic cats, British short-haired cats, scottish fold cats and other purebred cats. Raise.

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