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What kind of feed is fast? This is a problem that many farmers are concerned. The cattle belongs to ruminants, and the feed and feeding methods are completely different from the poultry. Therefore, we can complete pig feed, chicken feed, etc., some poultry feeds when choosing feed. Think away, don’t use it. If long-term use will affect the growth of cattle, breed! How to succinate the calf? We specialize in ruminant cow feed manufacturers, Chicchuan is based on product quality, “Chilikawa” in the new era – focuses on cows! Committed to providing high-quality, green natural, nutritional high-efficiency cattle and sheep feed and additive products. Introduction to Chicchuan Products: 1, significantly promote bone opening, development, increase body type, which is beneficial to the fattening weight of the beef cattle; 2. Supplement the vitamin, trace elements, amino acids, mineral elements of the calf, and improve the calf immunity Force, effectively prevent the occurrence of various diseases of calves; 3, the beef cattle is strong, the body surface is neat and smooth, the leather plow is lit; 4, promote the improvement of the rumen environment and beneficial microbial breeding, enhance the stomas function; 5, The forage is thoroughly decomposed, absorbs complete, saves fine feed, forage, and cost savings. How to succinate the calf? Chicchuan supplements the vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, calcium, and the like. Based on long shelves, the fast long bones are based on the fattening period. Chicchuan Service Advantage: 1, rest assured to home: Our packaging uses wear-resistant, excellent high-density materials, greatly keeps the feed nutrients are not lost, minimize the logistics, and also promise to break 100% 2, wholehearted service: Feed is only started, the later technical guidance, solving the problem of farmers is our more important pursuit, Chilechuan will provide feed preparation, feeding management, etc .; : 400-669-8210, Product Sales Manager Tel: 17777836390 After-sales QQ: 453458436 for your 24-hour service, your satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit! Chicchuan Tips: Yak Pneumonia happened to Yak of 1-25 months. It is mainly manifested as spiritual depth, loss of appetite or abolition, heating to 40 ° C, is being coarsrable, difficult to breathe, cough, and start dry cough, then become wet cough. The chest percussion is a turbidity. Treatment: The principle of sick cattle treatment is mainly to strengthen care, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, cough and phlegm and symptomatic treatment. It mainly uses antibiotics or sulfonamides.
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