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Pig students have a very difficult thing for farmers. The pigs will have a variety of diseases in the process of growth. At this time, they will use veterinary drugs to treat, but the use management biscuits of veterinary drugs are not very Normative, some theories and technologies are relatively poor, and veterinary workers who have not been studied in regular systems, because of irregular use veterinary drugs, the diagnosis and treatment of pig disease has brought great troubles. In the following, the Sherno Hexin Xiaobian will list what is taboo about the farmers on pig disease treatment:
1, acknowledge: a large number of hemostatics.
Many raising pigs will take antipyutants to treat pigs, and will also use high-dose, continuous use, and some sick pigs that have had symptoms or some body temperature has dropped to normal pigs. It is still continuing to use the heating agent, in fact, this is a wrong practice. For a long time, high-dose use can cause a reduction in pig white cells, low immunity, and the body temperature is reduced to normal, should stop the medication in time.
2, two bogey: application penicillin treatment of gastrointestinal infection.
Penicillin is strong and the side effects are small, and it is also a good antibiotic, gastrointestinal infection, gastroenteritis, and E. coli, etc., etc., which should be used in the treatment of pork disease. Mythracycline, yellow-plated, etc.
Clinically, there is a lot of neurological symptoms:
There are many sick pigs such as convulsions, rotations, mad run, and cute, because the symptoms of such symptoms and poisonous diseases are very similar, people will be mistaken. It is believed that this is a poisoned disease and treats a method of detoxification. In fact, most of the sick pigs are not caused by poisoning, but many diseases (pig fake trainees, porcine sterile disease) showed a neurological disorder Symptoms, we should use drugs such as stability and encephalitis.
Diarrhea is actually a common disease of pigs. The sick pigs with diarrhea symptoms are generally caused by indigestion, and they are treated with antibiotics for such diarrhea, pigs, but their therapeutic effect is very poor. For such digestible diarrhea, it should be orally to facilitate the digestion, such as polysetracks, yeast, etc. Usually add an appropriate amount of “fermented feed” in the feed, allowing pigs to establish intestinal benefits, maintain intestinal flora balancing, reducing immunity, reducing administration, and helping digestion absorption prevents diarrhea caused by indigestion. EnhancedNutritious metabolism, promoting feed intake.
3, three bogey: only drive the pig in a lifetime.
To pig deworm is an important link in the process of pig pigs, the incidence of pork parasulation is quite high, so the deworm should be carried out regularly, and once every 45 days. Instead of only for the pig’s life only drives a worm.
4, four bogey: diuretic medicine to treat diaper.
Comparative common urinary tract of urine and the lesser, people will habitually use diuretic to treat, and the main cause of piguria is caused by bladder paralysis, stone, urethral inflammation. The main reason for these uterine is not caused by less urine, but is caused, so that the treatment of diuretics is actually non-symptomatic, and Chinese herbal medicine or surgical treatment should be used.
5, five bogey: viral Spirit (disabled) treatment of all virus diseases.
The disease caused by viral infections contains many kinds, the viral spirit is like an anti-virus universal medicine, so people will use a lot of viral Spirits when they encounter pig disease, in fact it fundamentally In addition to viral diseases, and pig viral diseases can be treated accordingly using supporting detoxification and antibiotics.

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