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What kind of feed is meat? This is what you want to raise a friend first to make a clearer issue. The meat is a herbivore animal, and the raw friend has to combine the conditions for crop-based conditions at the time, choose the appropriate feed. There are two kinds of feed, namely, bude feed and fine feed. Below 518 Farming Technology Network to everyone, for all breeding friends, reference:

, fine feed

1, fine feed mainly include:

fine feed includes energy Feed, protein feed, mineral feed, trace (constant) element and vitamin.
(1), energy feed

mainly corn, sorghum, barley, oats, millet, rice, etc.
(2), protein feed

mainly includes a bean cake (), cottonseed cake (), peanut cake, rapeseed cake, etc. Skills in cotton districts should be mainly based on cotton cakes () to reduce feed costs. Cotton cakes produced in small workshops can’t feed, to prevent poxic poisoning.
(3) Mineral feed

includes bone powder, salt, small soda, micro (constant) element, vitamin additive, vitamin additive generally does not formulate itself, need to purchase from a formal manufacturer, According to the instructions, use “three no” products in the specified period.
2, precipitates

It is strictly forbidden to add additives, sex hormones, protein assimilation hormones, psychotropic drugs, antibiotics, and other drugs. Additives and drugs that are allowed to be used in strictly followed by regulations. It is strictly forbidden to use meat powder.

Raising main fine feed: corn noodles, bran, soybean meal, bone powder, small soda, premix, salt, etc.

Second, crude feed

The crude feed is characterized by high thickness, large volume, wide source, low cost, simple processing, low nutrient content.
1. Commonly used green straw, crop straw, housing and leaves, such as commonly used: corn stalks, wheat straw, soybeans straw, peanut, sweet potato, pasture, weed, straw, etc. .
2, green juicy feed:It has a wide source, low cost, convenient collection, and comprehensive processing. It mainly includes pasture, leaf, rhizome, etc.

There are many kinds of meat feeding, but also to combine local crops, choose the most suitable feed, and reduce the cost of raising. Also according to the different stages and time of the meat, choose different thick feed ratios, from this field to the servant, and provide formulas with local original feed according to the meat.

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