What kind of food can the butterfly dog ​​can’t eat?

Healthy feeding butterfly dog ​​first to ensure its diet safety. There are a lot of foods that butterfly dogs can eat, but there are many foods that they can’t eat. Special attention should be paid to the process of feeding, which food is a butterfly dog ​​can’t eat. In the dietary process, you should try to avoid feeding these foods. u=4121008512,4241163501&fm=26&gp=0.jpg
1. Similar to sharp and small bones such as chicken duck fish can give a butterfly dog. Because it is easy to scratch the mouth of the pet dog and the stomach, it is very big.

    The internal organs of animals such as chicken liver and other foods can not be eaten from the butterfly dog ​​for a long time. Especially healthy butterflies can’t eat too much chicken liver, because the chicken liver is rich in nutrients, it is easy to become obese. Moreover, vitamin A poisoning is prone to, inhibiting skeletal absorption of calcium, is very disadvantageous to the health of the butterfly dog.

  • 3. Onions, garlic foods can’t eat butterfly dogs. This part of the food is prone to dog cell hemolysis, and there will be a phenomenon of urinary blood. Seriously threatening the life safety of butterfly dogs.
  • 4. Chocolate, high sugar, high fat, food containing cocarptome, Khaif, etc., drinks can’t eat butterfly dogs. This kind of food is not good for the health of the dog.

  • In addition, not giving butterfly dogs with cold, spicy and exciting food. Milk can lead to lactose immeasses in a butterfly dog, so general milk can also give a butterfly dog.
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