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1, according to the forage type. Sheep loves the high nutritional valuer feeding grass, such as purple clouds, yellow flowers, clover, etc., do not love to eat straw, tao, reed, etc.
2, according to the forage shape. Sheep loves the leaf surface, and the grass, such as sweet potato leaves, mulberry leaves, etc., do not love to eat sharp grass, such as sand grass, rice grass, pine needle leaves.
3, according to the growth of the forage. Sheep loves the grass in the early years, and I don’t like to eat the old grass in the late stage.
4, according to the forage growth site. Sheep loves the upper part of the forage, especially the grass with the upper end of the seed. Don’t love to eat the grien grass.

There are fewer grass in winter, and the sheep can eat hay. Hay can also be forage as a rainy day. The method of making hay is that choosing the weather in a sunny day (especially the sky, the temperature is high, the sunshine is long), and the grass is cut down, and often turns, usually 2-3 days later. The dried grass is to be bundled, and the stacked is placed in a dry place, and the straw should be covered to rain, and the dry grass is molded.

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