What kind of medicine can I use to eat a long-lived pork?

What kind of medicine can be used for pigs, what is the slow-raising piggy-growing pork, a long-lived child, a long, then, then, our pig friend wants to use some kinds of drugs to promote long-class drugs to make their own pigs. Something, sell more money in advance. So, what medicine will be used for pig pigs? In general, pigs are fast, and the varieties, feeding materials, pig farms, condition prevention and control, feeding details management, etc., now feed, nutrition allocation ratio than ever many. But there is still such a defect, so this requires some ways to take some ways, with some kind of medication to promote long-class drugs, to improve this situation, the purpose is to make pigs can grow quickly, more Good, promote growth.

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A typically used to promote long medicine vermime, which is a hypometholic, cysteamine hydrochloride, amino acid manganese, methionine, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, calcium-pantothenate, nicotinamide, D-biotin, carrier is malt powder and baked soy flour, etc., using modern scientific advanced technology, add it to feed to feed pigs, which can improve feed conversion, satisfying pig life and weight-bearing needs Promoting growth nutrition, but also prevents disease resistance. Ermei, its effect is significant, long and fast, also has anti-disease effects, raising pig feeding, early stage: greed, smoother, feces; medium: skin red, Mao Liang, Good disease; late period: back, buttocks, weight, megadownload: Health, green, no drug disabled. In 2017, he was rated as consumers by Henan TV. The pig eaten “Feier” is fast, the early column, the real good, promote the lengthening products, the good effect can be seen, help us make more money is the hard truth. The above is the fast-related content of pigs, more, more understanding, welcome to call the website, we will be happy to serve you, exchange pig technology, experience, complement to win, together, let our breeding career, Help us easily raise pigs to make big money!

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