What kind of medicine for chicken cold cold

Cold is a common multi-diagnosis of chicken, especially to feed chicken, slightly inadvertently, chicken is prone to catch a cold. In the autumn and winter, it is a season of colds in the autumn, so the feeding household must prevent the occurrence of chicken in the fall in autumn.

Symptoms: Sick chicken only feathers, breathing difficulties and shook their heads. There is a large amount of clarified slurry mucus in the nasal cavity, sometimes there is tears. Difficulties are difficult, and they have a snoring. Trouded, less food, eat less.

Cayakes change: Caracanoiosis is only found that the nasal trachea and bronchi are filled with translucent exudate, lung congestion, gallbladder, and different spleen The degree of swollen, liver and kidney mild congestion, leg muscle congestion, presence or absence of risotto: wind-resistant, alone, Bupleurum, licorice, mint, etc. Chinese medicine

Treatment: cold cold, flu, applicable The eye is swollen, the mental disintegration, and the psychosis is complete, and this product is a special medicine for flu. The effect of respiratory symptoms caused by flu, the 2 days of respiratory symptoms are significantly reduced.

Object: 6000 meat egg chicken

Age: 14 days

Cause Analysis: According to the feeder, the previous period The harvest of the chicken house is too low, causing respiratory problems, and the local veterinarians have not solved the problem, and then expanded ventilation, plus the temperature difference change of the day, causing a cold problem of the chicken group.

Feedback: Two days after the use of rich perennial feelings, the cultivar’s response large group respiratory symptoms were significantly weakened, the death of death, 4 deaths were killed in the first day, two days, two days, the third day did not find death, After four days of medication, all the chickens were in full swing.

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