What kind of pigeon is long, how to make fattening pigs

What kind of pigeon is long soon, how to make the fattening pig, say what kind of material, what is the fast, meaning is to let the pig eat well, this good interpretation is more, with reasonable, scientific group Fang, comprehensive nutrition, good, and meet the needs of different needs, nutrients and quantities of nutrients in each stage. Before feeding pigs, they are all leftovers, coarse food eating, now basically use feed, believe that feed nutrition is more scientifically, and more need to meet the daily needs of pigs, but feed is not said, that is, Perfect, there is a corresponding flaw. At this time, we need to take some compensation measures to promote a better growth of pigs. When you feed the pig, we all like to add some kind of flourishing prure, so you can see that the pig is faster, it is much more obvious than if he doesn’t feed, which is to make up for the benefits of the feed. We are accepted by raising pigs.

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Ermeli, which is added to the daily feeding, is significant in the practice of pig pigs, and there is also a disease-resistant effect, raising pig feeding, early stage: greed Sleep, less feces; medium period: skin red, porridge, resistance to disease; late period: back, hip full, weight, more; full range: health, green, no drug disabled. In 2017, he was rated as consumers by Henan TV. The pig eaten “Feier” is fast, the early column, the real good, promote the lengthening products, the good effect can be seen, help us make more money is the hard truth. The above is the fast-related content of pigs, more, more understanding, welcome to call the website, we will be happy to serve you, exchange pig technology, experience, complement each other, and do our farming career, Help us easily raise pigs to make big money!

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