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During the practice of pig farm, it is found that many farmers do not know about the common sense of feed. There is a misunderstanding, and improper feeding methods. Not only feeding, pigs are not well, today Xiaobian and everyone share the related knowledge of feed For farmers reference:
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1, full price:
According to the feeding standard, a certain amount of energy raw materials, protein raw materials, etc., the scientific ratio is mixed, and some farmers like the full price, the use is convenient, and the effect is stable. During the breeding process, it can make The earlier piggy is very fast, eat well, and the good brand on the market is very sought after by farmers. Weiye Group’s lactarian pigs cooperate with the full price “The unique grass is fragrant, increased pig seeding, fast weight, low meat, improve pig growth speed. 2, concentrate:
is based on feeding standards, The protein raw material, such as fish powder, soybean meal plus a proportion of additives, scientific ratio. The concentrate is a part of the essence, mainly in the protein content of more than 35%, various amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc. are also very sufficient. The concentrate uses a wide range of concentrates, and the farmers can add energy feeds such as corn, bran, etc. according to their own needs, and the concentrate can account for about 40% in the diet of the pig. It is fast, mainly in the intake of high energy substances, especially protein, etc., as long as it adds a concentrated material in energy feed, the fertilizer effect is very good.
Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig every day) Value information, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….) 3, premix:
is a variety of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and essential trace components, in proportion, to achieve certain purposes It may add prevention drugs (Chinese herbal medicine, etc.), and the premix is ​​proportional to the proportion of the additives, and the additive is mixed according to the different growth stages of the pig, and the farmer is feeding, the farmer is feeding, Be careful not, the better, the abuse or more use will bring side effects. The premixes need to be mixed uniform. If a small amount is incremented, it can be mixed, first take the premix, then mix it with an isometric feed. The material is added, and the mixture is used. Premix usually contain 6-7 kinds of trace elements, more than 15 kinds of vitamins, 2 amino groupsAcid, 2 kinds of drugs and additives, small materials, high, generally account for about 5% of the feed specific gravity, but the effect is obvious, the premixed material additive is extremely high, can not be fed directly, the content is generally the amount of pig 100 times, directly feeding may cause pig poisoning or even death, causing a loss to farmers.

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