What kind of symptoms of piglet yellow, how to prevent and treat?

Piglet yellow and whiteness is called piglets, which is an acute, high-proof infectious disease caused by pathogenic Escherichia coli.
Symptoms: piglet yellow sputum happens in a week of piglets It mainly shows Raffles Green dung, contains coagulating sheets and small bubbles, and stinking. Piglose pigs quickly lost weight, dehydration and death, and mortality can be as high as 50%. Piglet Bai Du Du Du Duo, the piglet between weaned milk, mainly showing a gray white thin manure, drying, is porcelain white. There is no significant change in body temperature and appetite of sick pigs, but it can clearly see piggylla rubber and stunned, developing sluggish; most of them can return to normal after treatment, low mortality.
First, the sow injected two Escherichia coli K88, K99, 987P trivial village seedlings or K88, K99 double-price genetic engineering seedlings or K88, K99 double-price genetic engineering seedlings, etc. There is a high maternal antibody in the primary milk and the protective pig has a certain effect.
Second, before the mother pig production, post-production feeding management work, so that the sow is fine, there is no breast inflammation, uterine syndrome, to ensure normal supply of colors, this to the anti-color pig white Guan.
Third, do a good job in the heat preservation of childbirth, moisture-proof work, and an important part of the anti-piglet yellowness.
Fourth, use some health care drugs to increase piglet resistance and prevent pulse. If you can feed the mother pig, you can feed the mother pig, improve the body’s immunity, effectively control the occurrence of piglet yellowish.
Land / pull + unfold + clear fire effectively controls the occurrence of piglet yellowish. 2 hours see effect, 6 hours stop, and 2 days will return to normal. Drinking mixed materials can be.
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