What long, what long, what long, what is the fast-growing pig?

What long to feed pigs eat what Chinese herbal medicine is fast to give pigs? The first thing I thought is to have some Chinese herbal medicines, because in China, Chinese herbal medicines have rich resources, especially some woodland, mountains, etc., and are everywhere. There are several Chinese medicines such as daily bov, and dandelion dandelion has clear heat detoxification, solving and swelling, cold blood proceeding, antibacterial and other effects. Fresh products can be born. Dry powder is added to the feed, generally accounting for 2% to 3%, there is stomach, strong, increase appetite and promotion. 2, Atractylodes atractylodes with damp and spleen function. Indications of wet spleen and stomach, chest and abdomen, diarrhea, wet, foot knees soft, etc. And can promote livestock growth, enhance disease-resistance, and have better prevention and therapeutic effects on corneal softening of livestock and poultry. 5 ~ 10 grams of small pigs, 15 to 20 grams of large pigs. 3, Ai powder Ai powder (dry and pulverized from Ai) has very high nutritional value, Ai Ye contains aromatic oil, promotes blood circulation, enhances metabolism, improves meat, and has antibacterial effects. Add 2% of Ai powder in pig daily grain, an average daily weight increase by 5% to 8%, and feed remuneration has increased by 7.5% to 12.3%. 4, Huang Jingzizi Huang Jingzi is rich in fat, is a good feed of rumors. Generally, each pig takes 25 ~ 50 grams of Huang Jingzi daily, fried yellow, raised, mixed, for 15 to 30 days, there is a significant fertilizer effect. 5, Du Zhong Du Zhong feeds pig nutrition and treatment, Eucommia is a precious Chinese herbal medicine, Eucommia skin, leaf, fruit and male flowers contain similar active ingredients, up to 400 species. There are very efficacy, Eucommia is added to pig feed to promote growth, enhance immune function, can also improve meat, and can achieve the requirements of green food and health consumption in today’s people, is a very developed value-added Chinese herbal feed additive. Above these Chinese herbal medicines need to be collected, simple processing, and fine processing can we take the pig, how is it is not convenient, it is better to buy some kinds of plenty of additives to promote long class, the classic group, directly take the mixture, Ermei, which is like everyone is a very good kind that promotes long Chinese medicine.

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Ermei bag mixed with three thousand pounds, using very much cost, and its effect is remarkable in the practice of pig pigs, and there is also a disease-resistant effect, raising pig feeding, early stage: greed Sleep, less feces; medium period: skin red, porridge, resistance to disease; late period: back, hip full, weight, more; full range: health, green, no drug disabled. In 2017, he was rated as consumers by Henan TV. The above is the fast-related content of pigs with Chinese herbal medicine. More, learn more about calling the website, we will be happy to serve you, exchange pig technology, experience, complement each other, do our cultured career, help Let’s easily raise pigs to make big money!

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