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Now, with the growth of the breeding dairy industry, many individual farmers lack technological knowledge, causing low economic benefits, more nutrients with dairy, short utilization, which requires adjustment to the diet structure and feeding methods of cows. The problems and adjustments in production are as follows: The material and supplement ratio is unreasonable. The protein is used with a biscuit, and the cotton, peanut meal, etc. are used. Minerals only pay only calcium, phosphorus and salt, but do not control the content, resulting in improper calcium phosphorus ratio or insufficient supply. It is recommended that individual nurses will use a good dairy feeding material sold in a formal feed company or feed plant, and supplemented with a special premix or concentrated material for cows, according to its recommendation. The frogged feed is 啥 喂, does not make reasonable adjustment. Some farmers have feeding the grass on cows in autumn, and only straw in winter. The correct approach is: there is a dry in the four seasons in the year, there is a green, green and bind, and provide a certain number of block roots and dilateed feed for cows, so that it can guarantee the properness of the food and satisfaction. Nutritional needs of cows production. There are several questions that should be paid attention to in silage: First, during feeding, if you find that the cow has a pulling phenomenon, it should be immediately reduced or stopped, and it is checked whether the silage is mixed into a silage or other disease reasons. Diariors, keep feeding after returning to normal.
Second, timely clean the tank, especially the dead end, clean the variabous silage, and then feed fresh silage.
Third, after feeding the silage, it should be deprived of milk milk, and it is necessary to reduce a certain amount of fine material delivery, but it should not be reduced too much.
Fourth, silage, silage should strictly prevent mice to avoid feeding mildew or infecting some diseases to cows.
Understanding the problems and feed methods of dairy’s diet structure, I hope that the majority of farmers can scientifically, so that the dairy market has achieved better development and has a good improvement in their own economic benefits.

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