What questions should you pay attention to when shearing a cat?


First shaving front, it is necessary to cut the nails, otherwise the cat can be so embarrassed without a dog, how to get it, don’t grab you, make the cats It is a claw, and the consequences can be imagined, so please be cautious! I have a lot of dogs in the dog before, I don’t know when I started to give the cat hammer, so I still can’t see it. Blame! So what questions should pay attention to when the cat is cut, let’s take a look!

Tools for cat shaving:

    1 Pet-specific shaving fader

  • ⒉ cat straight comb (attention: must be straight)

  • 3. Nail knife

  • 4. Bath

  • 5. Towels

  • 6. Disposable mask (prepared for yourself, shaving the show full day flying scene, if you don’t want to inhale too much, wear this is still very effective)

Several tips for citi shearing:

    1. If you want to cut out a very good shape, then it is best to use scissors to cut long hair. One shears, then push it with the fader, so it is better to shape. Pet special faders will have different standard caliper, which can choose to stay with long hair.

  • 2. If you just have a cool summer, the other is very uncomfortable, then it is pushed directly, and you can use the caliper. Do you think this may push the cat into a bald scoop, rest assured, you will see later, probably leave 1 mm long hair.
  • 3. Cats can be said to be relatively timid and sensitive animals, so not all cats can accept hail. Some cats will be angry, hunger strike, so if the baby in the family is the danger of being guilty if the baby is super big. There is also a very sensitive voice. As long as there is a sound appearance, it will show 120 points, and they are not suitable for shaving, because it is a good pet fader to have a sound, which may scare the cat performance. Abnormality.

  • 4. The hair on the belly is best not shaved too short, because the cat will be on the ground, if tooShort words, easy to catch cold. (This is my personal opinion, and the cat is always stretched before and after four fees, put the belly, the belly is straight, and people will be cold. The same is that the cat has this possibility.)
  • 5. Do you have to pay attention to it is to give them hail, push time must not be too long, it is best not to more than half an hour. Everyone may say, not a family, it is difficult to get it in half an hour. Then people also take a break, the cat is also resting, then start, not what is a fire, do you have to be a million
  • 6. Not very recommended to bring cat to the pet shop to do hair clipping beauty Because of their sensitive nerves, special alone’s character, it is often difficult to accept the long-term settlement of beauticians, if you encounter a beauty teacher who doesn’t have much patient, finally, it will not be a spending to let the cat are sinful, affected, Scared.
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