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During the breeding process of cattle and sheep, grass, straw, and harvest are the main feed of cattle and sheep, accounting for 70% of diet. The ammonia of corn stalk can increase the nutritional value of straw feed, and the nitrogen content in straw increased by 0.8 ~ 1%, saving the supply of crude protein, and the nutrient digestion rate is increased by 8 to 12%. The orange is stored directly, the sun is free, reducing nutrient loss. Good food, improve the feeding volume of 20%, increase daily weight, shorten the feeding cycle. Use urea ammonia straw costs low, easy to operate, easy to promote. You should pay attention to the following:

(1) Make sure the ammonia storage time. Crude fibers in straw take decomposition under ammonia to decompose for a certain period of time, and the ammonia time is mainly controlled by temperature. It is generally taken after 20 ° C for 25 days after about 20 ° C. Winter ammonia is more than 50 days.

(2) Quality of carefully identified. Straw with good ammonia is brownish yellow, laggy, rich ammonia, soft handature. If the plastic leaks, the straw will be moldy, the color is white, and there is a rotten flavor. Such straw must do not use as a feed.

(3) Due to the properness of the ammonia straw, most cattle began to eat, individual cows are sensitive to ammonia, and the amount of unsolved straw can be incorporated at the beginning, and it can be adapted after 2-3 days.

(4) Take it from the pool to eat in a cool place to eat ammonia, but don’t dry it, so as not to affect the effect.

(5) Amination straw is only used as a cattle and sheep, and can improve the effect of straw feeding, and the pig is extremely poor. The microbiological ecosystem in the lamb in the lambs, and it should be used with caution.

(6) At the time of feeding, there was a decrease or stop, excessive saliva secretion, and the hypervaridation symptoms such as gelatism were immediately stopped, and they were pushed to the ventilation, and they cooked 1 kg. Vinegar, 0.5 kg sugar to 3-5 kg ​​of water. Symptoms can generally be controlled.

Urine ammonia, corn stalk is good, effective nutrient constraints are less, high utilization rate, can alleviate the supernatation of the hill slope, the shortage of winter and spring, the straw is still in the abdomen, increase the soil Fertility, reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, make full use of the existing corn straw resources, promote straw ammonia technology, and to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, development of grain and animal husbandry, protect grassland resources, and promote steady development of animal husbandry. It is important and developed.

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