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In the pig farm, it will encounter the case of maternal pig postpartum bleeding. The most common in production is the most common in the production, if the treatment is not in time or the method of treatment, the sow will die due to excessive blood loss.
There are two main situations:

The first case:
Mainly sow, the sow is overwashed, and the tear of the pussy is caused by arterial blood tube, which is sprayed in bleeding. Shape, the blood loss speed is used to use the hemostatic effect is not ideal, and it cannot be completely hemostasis.

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The second case:

Shoto bleeding in sow, mainly due to midwifery damage to the animal or older pigs, there is a little because of the pigmatical problem Internal membrane injury, is expressed as intact, and flows out of water.

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One Preshase Tenhanthyl (ppsulululthmine) 10 ml, then joined the outer vascular vessel. Because the sow is full of blood, it must first find the position of the bleeding blood in the root of the pussy.

First step: First, you are ready to use the needle wire and a pot of disinfectant to clean the blood in the middle of the yin

Second steps: with your thumb (vulva Outdoor) and index finger (in the yin outdoor) pressing force in a blindle, once it is found to stop or decrease, it is the position of the blood vessel. Third steps: In practice, if we directly went straight to the blood vessels, it is difficult to stop, mainly easy to break, we can use the front end of the blood vessel mouth, use the packed sewed vulvine perimeter To compress the blood vessel, sometimes ligation will not completely stop bleeding, then you need to do multiple ligation, until complete hemostasis, pay attention to carefully care, strengthen hygiene, prevent swellingThe vulva is lossed again.

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It is common in childbirth damage to the blood, generally 10 ml of injection of phenolosulfonthine each time, it can stop bleeding every 30 minutes. In the case of the piglets, there must be a person to watch, because it may have a red blood in a small pig, until delivery is completed.

Finally, the sow infusion to replenish the body fluid and energy: First bottle: physiological saline 500ml + VC20ml;

second bottle: 5% glucose 500ml + plus 30ml + animal sources 20ml + 20ml inosine;

The third bottle: 250ml glucose saline + calcium gluconate 50ml;

Analysis: Su Yan deep source: PSY Institute of applied

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