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Mid September, this year’s crabs will be listed.
Crabs If you want to sell, you must have the following three conditions: 1, the product is better: the product is good, it seems to match: “Qing back, white belly, golden claw, yellow hair” 2. Component: Component is enough to be sufficient, because the larger is, the higher the price, the higher the price; 3, the taste is good: the clock crab is full, the paste is full, and the crab and rough crabs should be avoided. In actual production, many farmers’ crab specifications and taste are very good, but they can’t sell good prices because they don’t sell well. This product is not good, it is mainly reflected in the black or yellow of the bottom plate of the crab. It seems that people feel dirty, naturally not selling a good price.
So, why is the crab going black or yellow? The reason is that the bottom residuit is under low oxygen or oxygen-free, the oxygen-free fermentation is carried out, so that the pool body produces an acidic substance, which will corrode the crab shell, and then the bottom contaminants are again adapted to become yellow, black Base plate. Simply, such a pond is not only black, stinking, but also acidified, such a pond especially pays attention to regular improvement, avoiding acidification at the bottom of the pond, can effectively avoid or alleviate the black crab shell . The crab bottom plate is black, and yellow is often sent to coccidial parasitic. Because cilia is growing in the environment of polluting, water and bottom, many ponds are very easy to breed in the pond in the late stage of river crab breeding. When the river crab is adhering to the cormofworm, it can lead to the influence of vision, blocking the cockroaches, causing the river crab to suffocate, fixing the limbs, can’t make it it normally, and will affect the shelling of the river crab, causing the river crab all over the shore And the shell is not available. Therefore, while strengthening the rectification and improving water quality, it can effectively prevent the fibergust.
Dragon Tree

Long Changle, unique small leafy eucalyptus essential oil in Victoria, Australia, is made of natural active substance 1,8-eucalyptus, is a natural, safe , Harmless new insect repellent. The use of cultured first lines has a very significant inhibitory effect on the shrimp crab cell butt, using 5-7 days to quickly remove the cormifuts on the shrimp crabs, and do not hurt shrimp, no water quality, no drugs Residue. Article Source Shandong Longxuan Moving official website

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