What should I do if the cat is rained?

src=http___zhichuang.uni28.com_wp-content_uploads_2019_11_4-1574913073.jpg&refer=http___zhichuang.uni28.jpg What should I do if my family suddenly puls out? At this time, we should first understand what is the cause of the pulse, the digestion is the most common rigorous reasons, especially the kitten below half of the year, below I said how to treat cat diarrhea in two aspects.

The stomach of the kitten is delicate, because the digestive system is delicate, but also a lot of digestive enzymes, three in the kitten Eat cans or simple meat is very easy to cause indigestion. If you don’t have good digestion, you will be diarrhea. If he will teach it, you will be very dangerous. Therefore, you can carefully treat the kitten of the kitten carefully. If you are confident that there is no disease in dyeing (home environment and food can guarantee hygiene, kitten is also immunized) can, suspend canned and Food, such as meat, etc.

In addition, in this case, you can try “Mommy Love” (multi-dimensional purge, pharmacy can be bought, it is to eat for the baby.), Once a small tube, powder in the cat Doodle or dissolved directly, 2 times a day, the effect and milk enzyme were used. There is also a “intestine” and this effect, you can feel convenient for three in three kinds.

If you need it, you can hungry for about 1 day, and you will not be touched by each of them, let her gastrointestinal adjustment, tension, and heavy adjustment:)

Two, catching cold

On the occasion of autumn and winter, many cats are prone to harails. Generally speaking, as long as the spirit of the cat, there is no difference between appetite and peace, it is a sudden change in the weather. The reason why the cold is caused, and it is necessary to keep the cat in keeping warm and regulate his digestion.

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