What should I do if the chicken ball insect disease occurs?

Callus is most common in the chicken process, divided into small colon coccidi and cushius. What should I do if the coccidi is particularly easy to repeat?

Let’s talk about the formation of coccidia

There are many reasons for chicken chronic coccidia, and it is not the most common for treatment. , Often farmers do not admit, but he does exist. Under normal circumstances, chicken infection coccidi is the most dangerous period of 15-45 days. Many farmers are often insufficient enough to infect porchiasis, or lack a understanding of pathogen characteristics and pathogenesis. As long as it feels that the coccidia is chaotic, it is taking the drug, and does not replace the drug, so once the cessic resistance is transformed into chronic, long-term insects, and harm the population after obvious symptoms.

In addition, the coccidial eggs have great resistance, and the oocysts can survive in the soil for half a year, and can survive more than 1 year in the dark.
Calcultone insects: Blind intestinal swelling bleeding, mucosa filled with blood and ulceration in the field

Small intestine catholic: medium in the small intestine swelling, intestinal wall congestion, bleeding, needle tip necrosis Point

Chicken ball insect disease prevention measures

During the breeding process of chicken, except for chicken seedlings and feed, scientific norms In addition to feeding management, disinfection is effective measures to prevent chicken ball.

1, round house, food, equipment with 20% lime water or 30% of grass, gray water or disinfectant (according to the amount of water), spray disinfection. Maintain appropriate temperature, humidity, and feeding density.

2, the treated season, feed vitamin A, vitamin K to enhance the body’s immunity, improve the level of antibody.
3, coccidi treatment should be administered in accordance with the growth and development of coccidi, and select sensitive drugs according to the category of coccidia.

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