What should I do if the chicken is called, how to stop the neck? – The chicken bristle

The bronchial blockage is already one of the recent frequent diseases. The patient is serious, the death is serious, and the chicken branches are blocked. Chicken spleen is the source of chicken and sputum, the lungs are storing, 于 于, 不 气From the hair, it is necessary to snoring, cough, runny nose, tears, strange call, severe people’s Shenkou breathing has swallowing action, there is mucus in the trachea, sputum to bronchoes and lung blockage, etc., the death chicken is due to concentration The sputum blockage is not smooth, and mechanical suffocation is dead.

2, stress factors: long-distance transportation, maintenance, immunity, injection, etc.
3, mixed infection: low body resistance, branch, new city disease, E. coli disease, mycoplasma, craniosis and other mixed infections, can cause bronchial blockage or airbagitis.
4, the body is immunosuppressive disease: poultry infection, Fahrenhenoviruses, etc. can cause immunosuppressive diseases, leading to immunity and treatment failure.
Second, clinical and anatomy

1, bronchial blockage

The chicken is suddenly onset, and rapidly affects the whole group. The clinical is mainly manifested in closing the eyes, the mouth, the neck, gasping, often visible to the chicken head, closed his eyes, no sound, no sound, individual chicken “呴 — 呴 —” pointer Called, the amount of food is severe, and finally died due to suffocation. The main lesions of the cutting in the bronchoes and the lungs, cutting the lower end of the trachea with scissors, especially the tube (tracheal and bronchial junction) and a yellow cheese embolist in the lung joint.

2, airbagitis

airbag turbid thickening, yellow concentrate oozing or cheese sample attachment, the most typical vapor sac of chest vesicles; the abdominal airbag will also have turbidity , Thickening, abdominal cavity often has a large amount of small bubbles. The intestinal lymphoid filtering is slightly swollen or swollen, and the cities of the cities is swollen. Differential chicken groups or in the middle of the disease, the symptoms of the test were “airbag inflammation”, “peritonitis”, “heartburst inflammation”, “hepatitis”, individual in the tube and the lungs have yellow cheese samples.

three, Management and control principles

1. This condition is a disease due to respiratory syndrome, doing a good environment and hygiene on weekdays, replacing the gasket in a timely manner, is very important for regular disinfection. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce feeding density, reduce stress, improve resistance, and minimize the incentives.
2, follow the principle of joint medication, do a good job in kidney work. Drugs for treating this disease need to have anti-inflammatory to clean the respiratory embolism, restore the characteristics of lung function, non-toxic side effects, no resistance , Relieve respiratory symptoms.
3, the condition will continue to die in the treatment process, this is the normal pathological process, should adhere to the medication, and the number of damage to the chicken after 3-4 days will be significantly reduced.

Fourth, clinical practice plan recommended

To do temperature and ventilation, especially ventilation, must continue to occur, otherwise it may continue to occur. And require the numerous vaccination of vaccines to ensure that the immune procedures specified in the company shall be implemented in place to ensure the level of immune antibodies.

Chicken bracure clogged, strange, Zhang neck gasping advance to prevent greater than treatment,
treatment, one treatment 3-4 days, seriously need 4-5 days, pay attention to the treatment of breathing Prevent E. coli, choose Chinese medicine preparations rich farmers to call clear, solve the phlegm, the treatment plan rich farmers call clear + Yousite + Viyou Effect, recommended.
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