What should I do if the dog doesn’t listen?

Every pet owner wants to let their dogs obey, but some dogs are difficult to discipline. In fact, the dog’s personality is related to genetics, the cultivation of the day after tomorrow is also very important. To make your dog becomes more, everyday training is essential. u=1671793170,1859832943&fm=26&gp=0.jpg 1, in daily life, you must develop good habits and life attitudes from small training dogs. For example, in the dog’s young, it is necessary to train it to sleep in a fixed place, excrete, diet. When the dog grows up, start training it, the tour. Through daily life training, let the dog become more sensible.

2, in the usual life, the parents should be correct and fair. When the dog performs very well, give praise and reward, and criticism education is also required when it is toned. Let the pet dog have “fear” awareness from small, develop good habits, don’t get into trouble.

3, if the pet dog is not embarrassed, or make mistakes, as a parent must stop criticism and help it. Don’t wait a year or two on the old things. For pet dogs, they have not used to memory for a few days ago. If they are accounting, the dog will feel inexplicably, which makes it good for cultivating dogs.

It is indispensable to let the pet dog become a little, the guidance, training, and training in life is indispensable. In fact, training dogs sometimes like training children, but children will grow up mature, and dogs are always in children. If you want the dog to obey, the owner has to spend more time and energy to teach it, and train it.

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