What should I do if the dog’s appetite is retired?

timg.jpg In the hot summer, parents can try to explore the dog’s taste to see who is interested in your dog. However, these methods I said are just a dog that is not very good for adult dogs and those who have been raising at home. For dogs that have just arrived in your home or in the stomach, they still need to let it eat. Dog food.

For dogs, hungry is more difficult than eating more, so summer dog eats less than before, you don’t have to worry, you can usually be in the rice. Give it a dog food, it will go eat hungry.


However, these methods are only for adult dogs and puppies that have been raised at home, and they are just arrived. If your home or the stomach is not very good, it is still trying to let it eat dog food, which is more insurance.

There is also that every dog’s gastrointestinal situation is different, when you eat some summer food, don’t give too much, but also pay attention to observing the dog after eating. No, if there is a diarrhea or vomiting, you will eat it anymore.

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