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The male rabbit, especially the birth bunny summer, autumn, and winter festivals are very difficult, resulting in this reason one is that the initial age is too early, the mating experience is insufficient, and the second is caused by improper management, management should be: Breeding premature, aged 4.5 months, weight reached 5.5 kg can be made; Extend the light time, the color of the color is greater than 10 hours; do not stop the breeding in the summer. If the male rabbit is not mating, 2 ml of muscle injury, once a day, with 5-7 days. Consult QQ: 2627108897
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催 散 (Emotionally Pregnancy) [Chinese Medicine]

Effective regulates the endocrine system of the rabbit group, promoting the estrus of the rabbit, improve the quality of the milk, the quality of the female rabbit

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