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What should I do if the pig farm has just born piglet? Recently, there is a friend who has pigs asked. Born piglets will not stand this question. Today, Xiaobian is here for everyone to answer. 1. Born pork nutrition, can’t keep up, a few hours, pigs have not eaten milk, naturally, it will be more hungry, then they will not stand up, and there will be more obvious eight-character legs, to distinguish it below Pseudo-raw dog; after the pig, first squeeze the milk ride, this is more bacteria, then give the pig to eat milk, you can’t eat milk, you will not stand up; this fault is generally only newcomer appear. Shandong and Meihua Group Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the mixed feed, concentrated feed, and produce the production and sales of feeds. Annual production, sales of 300,000 tons, total output value of 800 million yuan, is a key leading company in Jinan agricultural industrialization. The unique and Memory farming model is for the majority of egg hooks, and pig breeding users provide a sound technical service system, making the benefits of users to improve and have a good praise from more than 20,000 users. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. 2, the situation of the disease, such as pseudohadia or mold toxins, will appear in the case of weakness and even eight legs, to check the vaccine and feed problems, and the other deficiency will be like this. 3, the pig is very cold, especially now, now this temperature is too low in the pig farm, but some pig people are not conditional issues, I don’t know if the pig is opened before opening the insulation lamp. Because the nest should be warm, then taking it to how to judge the temperature of the pig. A. If the pig is pushed down under the lamp, the temperature is too low, usually 200-250 watts, and then the height is also reduced. B, if the pig is running, not on the side of the lamp, indicating that the temperature is too high, change the light bulb or height of the small point. The electricity bill is not a problem. The key is that if the pig is cold, the lighter, the lighter, and even the eight-character legs are big. It should be more attention to the start of the salory. It is usually a good time, and it is ready for the incubator and heat insulation lamp three days in advance, and then disinfecting potassium water and anti-inflammatory drugs are best ready. , Winter pigs will die soon, everyone about birth pig, what details need to be paying attention, welcome to share.

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