What should I do if the pig is weaning?

What should I do if the pig is weaning?
Little pig is broken, pulled out. Friends who have raised piglets know that the pig is the most difficult time, at this time

piglets often need sows to drink rapid breasts, but they are used to breast milk. Pigs will resist emotions on feed, do not want

to eat feed. However, long-term breast milk, sow milk nutrients are not reached, affecting the growth of pigs, and there will be losses for pig households

. But after weaning, pigs are easy to get sick. When weaning, when the feed, the pig has diarrhea

, what is going on?
The pigs weaning is caused by many reasons. The pigs must be prepared to prepare for advance; the treatment is generally reduced

, reduce stress, and to prevent dehydration from dehydration. There is a viral diarrhea, infectious gastroenteritis, epidemic

sex diarrhea, it is recommended that you choose to do the alficit + (stop or pull). The skin temperature is not the whole, the ear is cold, the flow is clear, the abdomen

swelling, fear, fear, cold, loss of appetite or abolishment, no hot image or light heat, you can use it first , Early

Diagnosis, so as not to pay more, farmed 120 service center, recommended products, not afraid. I. Main ingredients:
Ballant, Huanglian, Cork, Chenpi, Microbial Formulation
Second, functional treatment:
Digestion or diarrhea caused by various causes such as transfer group stress Added microdesome preparation, regular

uses adjustable gastrointestinal function, improves the balance of the flora, reducing the ammonia flavor
, the usage,
This product is 200 pounds per 1 kg, Use 5-7 days. When pork diarrhea, the product can be fed directly 150 grams.

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