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Da Chaoyang Village, Taozhen Town, branches of 1600 cubic water, and stocking densities were 400-500 per square. Recently, Chen Boss’s shrimp is very serious, and the seedlings are also very powerful. The intestines can’t see it. I almost form a jejun, and a pool can remove 10-20 dead shrimps every day. Teacher Sea Belg, recommended Chen Boss, has a safe and disabled eucalyptus essential oil – Le Chang. Chen Boss took out the No. 14 and No. 15 poec with Le Chang to do test, one kilogram added music to two grams. After the use of Le Chang three days, the shrimp fell, and the intestinal conditions were significantly improved. Chen Boss reflects that Le Chang improves the health of shrimp intestines, is a good product of efficient, safe and economical products. The 1200 cubic water body of Liu Laofang in the sunshine salt field is not very good. Teacher Haibell Wang started to use Le Chang, a kilogram feed mixture added a gram. After five days, Liu boss feedback his shrimp row is well formed, and the intestinal clarity and the body color of shrimp have a significant improvement. The food is added, the growth is good, and the overall uniformity also improves.

Le Chang comes from small leafy leaf oil crude oil imported by Australia, containing a variety of phenolic substances, and its hydrophobic ingredient can be directly acting on the cell membrane, and in the bacteria bilateral lipid film Accurate, occupying space between fatty acid chains. This interaction causes a change in the structural conformation of the bacterial cell membrane, resulting in liquefaction and expansion of the cell membrane, loss of film, enhanced permeability, osmotic ion and content, and ultimately leads to parasites or bacterial cells. Because of this, Le Chang has significant antibacterial anti-inflammatory, insecticidal insecticides, effectively improves animal intestinal health and inhibits parasite in vivo, natural, green, safe, no stimuli, no drug disability. With the gradual implementation of my country’s anti-resistance policies, no resistance has become an inevitable trend. Eucalyptus essential oils and anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory drugs, deworming insecticides to improve intestinal health, can completely replace antibiotics, is a safer, more economical new feed additive, I believe it will be more and more farmed friends Recognize.
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