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In livestock production management, many practitioners, especially veterinary staff often encounter a dilemma: the same drug, the same condition, the use of drugs is not as good as the original, the explanation is very embarrassing! In fact, there is a lot of factors affecting the effects, but there is a factor that needs to attract everyone: the role of intestinal endotoxemia. The endotoxin is a constituent component (lipopolysaccharide) of the Gram-negative bacterium cell wall (lipoprose), and the bacteria cannot be released, and the bacterial death (normal death or anti-antibiotic is killed), the bacteria will only be released. Most Gram-negative bacteria, a small number of cell wall components in Gram-positive, and released chemical ingredients after chemical ingredients, and various types of toxic effects, causing heat, leukocytes increased , Microcirculation barriers, shock, etc., the immunogenicity is weak, and toxin is not formed after formaldehyde liquid treatment. Stability 160 ° C is destroyed in normal cases in normal case, or leaked into the intestinal lymph, and transfers to the abdominal cavity, the G-Bacterial release of the G-Bacteria in the host intestine, is very small The phagocytosis of the cells quickly could be cranked after entering the liver. ZJTOO_ copy .jpg

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If the patient g is infected, or the bacteria, or there is a decrease in liver clearance, the endotoxin “all overfits” body circulation, and the endotoxin can be detected in the cycles, referred to as endotoxymia. Among them, there is a bacterium infection with G-Bacteria, called entertable endotoxemia. The liver is the main removal organ of endotoxin. Cell is a macrophage set in the liver, which has a double role in the liver damage caused by endotoxin. On the one hand, the function of removing endotoxins, and the other hand can be activated by endotoxin, by producing a large number of cytokines , Inflammatory medium and free radicals harm cells. A large number of studies have shown that there is a dysfunction of cellular dysfunction before many liver substance damage, and the detoxification of endotoxin is weakened to promote endogenous endogenic blood. Regardless of fatty liver or mold, the incidence of intestinal endotoxemia is high. During the breeding process of sows 3-4 years, mold, heavy metals, drugs are all rolled, and the liver damage caused by the pig is on the pig.It is inevitable that there is not difficult to understand the treatment defects. At present, there are many products that solve endotoxins in the market, and most of the mechanisms is to block the generation of endotoxin, and cannot completely remove endotoxins in vivo. Therefore, it is usually refactive after the drug, but after stopping the drug, the condition will repeatedly attack, the treatment is not satisfactory, the animal mortality rate is higher. With the recent communication with a frontline personnel, most veterinarians or service organizations are in the transformation of the treatment of veterinary, in the face of incurable diseases, first regulate the liver, and then cooperate with drug prevention and control, often appear well. I think this is part of the health veterinophone. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source. Thank you

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